Terms & Conditions

1) DiversGroup is a 14days online oriented PH and GH.

2) Multiple bank account is allowed for each participant.

3) The stipulating PH in DiversGroup is NGN5,000 to NGN200,000 with a bonus of 100%.

4) It is highly recommended to PH using bank transfer through your phone or internet.

5) Whatever you PH you recieve 100% of it in 14days time.

How it works All donations are made directly to member bank account.. You will require a code to sign up,and after you have successfully signed up,it is required of you to provide help on any of the packages to a fellow member assigned by the system. The member will confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered members who will also pay directly into your bank account with the same joining amount... Introducing someone is not necessary but when you introduce someone, you get 5% referral bonus on any amount the person provide help with..Return on investment is within 1-14days.